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Almost all those agencies are 100% fake, whose work is scamming


When you've suggestion of Russian woman, you start surfing our web site, seeing 100's & 1000's of women, single Russian, Ukraine girls who're looking for loved husband from abroad. They almost all look extremely cute so this is very complicated for gentleman to make choice. You feel like kid in toy-shop. Occasionally the Russian women seem to scam their fiances, disappear after the gentlemen sent them some money. They're called defrauders, they make you disappointed in almost all single Russian, Ukraine girls. What you must well know is that 99 percent defrauders aren't even girls; they're well organized groups, whose work is scamming. Not gentlemen, single Russian girls are suffering from defrauders. Their fiancees don't trust them, suspect. Although a lot of single ex-Soviet Union girls are as kind, gentle, full of love as cute. Don't hesitancy in your personal daydream for Russian marriage! Defrauders are really easy to unmask. Almost all you need is to follow 6 elementary stairs below, you'll be lucky in your personal search for Russian Woman. Here're six stairs to avoid deceiving:

One) Don't send money! Never! We do suppose your personal Russian marriage is you contribution in future, make this contribution after you've checked anything, saw her in actually real live. Even if the single girl says: don't send some money to me, send this to journey, translation, dating agency or/and another three-rd party - don't send! Almost all those agencies are hundred percent fake (Even if you saw their web site. It is fake.).

Two) Ask your personal Russian woman to send you some fotos. The studio fotos are great for personal profile at the web site, where single girls try to attract you. When the girl is sending much more, much more fotos, she starts showing her real life: her flat, work, friends, kids, traditional family. A lot of defrauders use the fotos of Russian/Ukrainian Stars to attract you. They all're cute, don't reflect the usual real life.

Three) Ask the lady to give you her phone number. Don't believe your personal Russian woman if she says she's no contact phone number. Mobile phone or/and cell phones are usual for western Russia & east Ukraine, a lot of persons have them. The others have home place or/and work numbers. There's no phone connection in smallest villages situated in wild forest. There're no personal computers, Web there. So when girl have no phone, she have no Web connection as well.

Four) Guess of what your personal Russian woman is typing to your person. Lives of single Russian, Ukraine girls are usual. This consists of both: happy moments, troubles. If the girl is typing all about troubles - this is strange, unnatural. When you meet the lady in the street, lady tries to attract you, not to scare with a lady troubles. Do you guess the relations are other when you're going to Russian marriage? She's lady, you're boy. Use your personal common sense!

Five) Ask your personal Russian woman to install on-line live video chat program like Skype on her PC. She may for totally free, easy install this, buy web space cam, call you with live video (A lot of costly webcam in western Russia costs not much more than $twenty-thirty USD). When you see cute single girl on your personal PC you may be sure she exists, hear her voice, see lady's eyes, her smile. Is not that the Number One course to fall in love with a lady?

Six) Send flowers to your personal girl. You may order delivery of flowers to your personal Russian woman address. Send her flowers (or/and simply 1 single red rose) with foto of delivery. In this case - deliveryman makes foto of girl with flowers, you've two profits from one bouquet. First - you well know for sure the girl you chose for RU marriage exists, lives in place where she told you. Otherwise delivery service informs there're no recipient at this address. Second - you will make your personal lady happy, she loves you much more. Pay attention to those secrets, don't allow defrauders to spoil your personal relations with Russian women!


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