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Black List of Russian scammers - How to Avoid Scam


How to recognize defrauder? Regrettably, Russian "gold diggers" become so active last years that for some the words Russian date, Russian women are connected with Russian deceiving. Are almost all Russian girls "scammers"?

Why do they exist?
The USSR was raised in the ninetieth, Russian women become very popular. They differed from West girls, from US girls. Many of those differences are simply myths, many are really actually real. When Perestroika has simply begun, this seemed that to dwell in west Russia is very dangerous, unstable. So, you never knew what would occur tomorrow. Persons rushed to leave a country. You live 1 enough time in your real life, noone wishes to have hungry real life with unstable future. This wasn't easy to leave west Russia. A lot of easy this was for Russian cute women. Russian girls have, had tallest prerogative of traditional family values previously job career, work, they wished to have great quiet traditional family real life. In west Russia girls are used to take great care of themselves - wear mini skirt, be slim, make-up regularly, be feminine, loyal. Real life in Europe, United States seemed paradise-prosperous, happy, stabile. Some cute women sought for loved husband abroad. Many were looking there for love, many were looking simply for course to escape west Russia. The last type of women didn't prefer, they simply agreed to marry almost any gentleman who wished to marry them.

They are other!
They might marry gentleman thirty-forty years older than them. They simply didn't look at their future loved husband as gentleman with whom they're going to dwell. Some years later Russian TV was full of moaning, complains of those girls. They blamed almost all US, West gentlemen, they warned other Russian women not to marry them (interesting - in spite of this a lot of them didn't leave their new country territory, returned to west Russia to dwell). The real life in west Russia has changed, is changing. There're some very costly cars that you may see in the avenues. There're some persons that go to rest in resorts of Italy, Spain, other places. Persons in west Russia may buy costly clothes from well-known clothes designer. If woman wishes to sell herself as expensively as possible, this doesn't matter to whom, she may do this easy in west Russia. When I go by car in the avenues of S.Petersburg, see costly, rare car, I may tell almost for sure that this is driven by cute blonde. Those girls may search rich boyfriends (not husbands) here, specially in huge towns, that give them cars, costly clothes, holidays in costly resorts. A lot of women that come to the company aren't looking for richest buyer. They wish to search love, this doesn't matter for them where. They wish to make their chances larger, so apply for worldwide dating agency. If they search love in west Russia, they'll marry here, if they search love in United States, then they'll move to their loved husband. For many women this matters where they search loved husband. They don't wish Russian loved husband-they guess that in west Russia gentlemen make worse fathers, less loyal real husbands than abroad. They've their right to look for loved husband outside west Russia.

As I tell those women don't look for course out of west Russia, they look for partner for friendships, sex. Support, mutual fidelity, they prefer gentlemen less than ten years older than them (usual age difference for the partners in west Russia). Many gentlemen wishes to believe in fairy tales. They guess that west Russia is so huge, sure there's blond allure there who's looking for gentleman simply like them. Many dating agencies with Russian women, scam-artists use this myth to get the profit. Dating agencies write on their pages that the huge age difference is welcomed by Russian girls. Many even omit this info in the women's polls. We've websites with Russian date website for disabled persons. On the 1st type fo website Russian "gold diggers" sign up in huge numbers, on the websites for disabled Nigerian "gold diggers"-men, girls sign up in huge numbers. We don't obviously activate their user profiles, we've our means to recognize them. And interesting that they've 1 trait in general. Girls usually are 23-thirty yo, pretty young, cute, wishing to search partner up to sixty (65). They write eloquently that they're looking simply for love, honesty, faithfulness, this doesn't matter something else. Gentlemen are caught! (Fortunately, till the enough time when she'll ask for some money to come to him, or/and for some money to help lady to get out of her troubles). Some gentlemen imagine that this is actually real Russian women who do this, they don't guess all about their future, perhaps they'll, will change in future. No, nothing like this.

Very oftentimes this is agencies, where persons are taken to work (salary there're rather huge, specially for places far from Moscow city, S.Petersburg. This is shift work, where many persons write messages, others communicate on the phone, if necessary, others take some money by West Union. They prefer websites like match, yahoo, US singles where they may pay by dishonest credit card, send as some messages as possible with their e-mails previously they're blocked, work on the gentlemen who answered them unhurriedly. Gentlemen on those websites well know less all about Russian "scammers", they're simpler to work with. Sure, they sign up to other Russian date websites. They aren't plenty, they've simply some names, some faces, some e-mails, some other sets of pics. Other Russian women work, defrauder work on the websites, they don't have another work. Russian women prefer, they don't admit to any gentleman, this doesn't matter for defrauder not the age, not nationality of their supposed victim. 1 thing is very important if they'll be able to make him send them some money. Russian girls may put not very great pics, scam-artists put the pics that gather a lot of number of gentlemen (either model pics of Russian cute women (singers, models, so on) or/and not skillful pictures of innocent blondes, the pics becoming much more, much more sexual with enough time. Russian women don't have habit to fall in love on the 2nd-third message, tell all about love, honesty almost all the enough time. Defrauder do have similar thing in general (this works in the Number One course with gentlemen who're tired from solitude). Yes, there're fairy tales in real life, you may fall in love with Russian woman who'll fall in love with you. Don't full yourself. Look for allure in the face, in lady's eyes, see what she may be, don't follow women with model pics. In real life they may be the selfsame as the women with non skillful pictures, who look less glamorous on the website who're much more actually real.


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