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Frequently asked questions about dating service, russian brides, visas


What is the Requested Contacts page?

The Requested Contacts Page contains the contact info that you've requested. Note that it's updated no sooner than your contact information request has been processed.

What is it, "friends list"?

It's not a list of girls member is corresponding with.  To be on a user's friends list, you've to send them an invitation which they may choose to accept. It can be the other way around: a girl sends you an invitation, you accept it.  To be a "friend" - a mutual thing.  That means: if a member is on your own friends list, you're automatically on theirs.  You can remove any "friend" from your own list by logging into your profile, please go to "Communicator", then to "Friend members", check those you wish to remove and click "Delete from FriendList".

Can I view a girls private photos?

Private photos are password protected, so you'll have to write to the girl and request the password. It's better to do when you've already established communication with the girl.

The "trust level" on a profile.

It is a credibility rating given to a profile by our staff. Our manager can rate a profile on one or more of scales: live meeting, passport scans, phone conversation, correspondence, video. Some are rated according to the feedback. A trust level of one hundred percent means that the girl is a real person. This doesn't mean, that anyone with less than one hundred percent is dishonest or fake, although you should be wary of girls profiles with a trust level of 40 percent or less. But, a girl does not have a trust level by default, unless it gives our manager a reason to rate it.

People on your own friends list have access to your photos, which are protected by your password.

Remember that the friendslist is viewable by any visitor to the website.  Having many friends on your friendslist or having just a few, or even none, is your choice.  Friends listed on users' profiles mean different things to many different people.  For some, having many friends demonstrates that they're very popular.  Some choose not to list the friends to keep their relationship private. Yet for other listing just one user as a friend means they're very serious about them.  Use your judgement in interpreting the meaning of a girls friendslist or lack of it.  Factor in ratings of her photos (the average rating and how many votes), and girls popularity (more credits per message means more users are writing to her).


You have to pay for reading girls letters, for which you've to purchase credits. If you'd like a phone call through us, you'll be charged for that. The rest of our web services, however, are free (registering new profile, searching our girls database and viewing members' profiles, sending letters and smiles).

What does 1 credit cost?

1) 100 credits and more: $ 1/credit
2) 55..99 credits: $ 1.09/credit
3) 10..54 credits: $ 2/credit

How to buy credits?

Just purchase them on-line with your card (we accept MasterCard, Visa, Discovery and American Express). Just log in, go to Membership and buy the credits. If you do not have any card, or do not want to use the card online, there're other options.

Any discounts?

After opening fifteen paid letters from a girl, you can request the price of her messages lowered to five credits. You're also entitled to this reduction if you've requested the girl's contact info using the expedite service. In case the girl's contact info doesn't include an email, the price can be further reduced to one credit per message; translation isn't provided at this price. If you'd like to keep using translation service, the price is five credits per message.

What is the cost of opening a letter from a girl?

There are many factors:
1) It depends on the number of users she is corresponding with. The more men she's writing to, the more expensive her messages will be to open (if the lady stops writing to one/more men, the price will go down).
2) It depends on her language skills (if she can't read/write in English and use translators, the price will be higher).
3) If she has no access to Internet.. So she's to use a laptop at local agency, this'll raise the cost. When you open the first paid message from the lady, this price becomes fixed for you.

How will the charge show on my credit/debit card statement?

It'll show as "1st International”, and/or some abbreviations ("1ST INTERNATIONAL" or "1st Int'l NTW")

How do I know, may be ladies are scammers?

Most of the girls on our site are represented by local agencies, where they contact our managers in person. So, we watch out for activity: if a user mass mails other men, uses certain words/letters, etc, it triggers a red mark, and we run a check on the girl in question. Unfortunately, due to the large number of members, it's impossible to filter out all girls scammers. Therefore we urge our users to be on their guard and notify our managers of anything scams.

Can I contact a woman directly?

If you'd like to get a girl's contact details, you'll need to fill the IMBRA form, if you have not done that before (for US citizens only); After that, there're two options. The first one is to open 15 paid messages from the girl (the letters that you open before writing to a girl for the first time are charge-free and do not count); so you have the right to request girls contact details (or the money back, if for some reason they cannot be provided). Please, go to girls profile and click to "Send contact info request". Or, you can pay a 50$ fee, and we'll contact the girl and ask her permission to send her contact info, but this money willn't be refunded even if the girl refuses to disclose her contacts. Please, make sure you have girls consent before you proceed; if you have not opened at least 1 paid letter, you cannot use this option. Note that exchanging personal information through our site messaging system isn't allowed, even if you've 15 opened letters; if you'd like to exchange with contact info, contact our manager. Please don't try to send your e-mail and other contacts in "encoded" form: it won't work.

We don't allow contact between users outside our site before they've officially exchanged contact info. It includes our competitor sites, skype, viber, facebook, instagram, vkontakte, other social network sites, etc. Outside contacts violates our Terms, may violate IMBRA law, which may in turn jeopardize a girl's chance to get a United States visa in the future and your chance to sponsor a K-1 visa. It opens possibilities for scams. We don't allow our women to contact men outside our site, nor to respond to user's attempts to circumvent our sites rules. If you're contacted outside our site by someone claiming to be a girl from our site - this could be a scammer. After contacts exchange you're free to communicate.

Some girls here are looking for a man much older?

  It's not uncommon for Russian ladies to marry older men, which can clash with American stereotypes.  If you're going to marry a Russian lady, you might want to know how to look beyond those.  There are limits.  If you're 42 and are looking for an 19-y.o. girl, this might be a bit of a stretch, but 22-27 y.o. is OK. Remember that everyone has their own standards. Many girls don't mind a significant age difference, and others do. They indicate their age preference in their profiles info.

How can I talk to a girl on the phone?

You can order phone call (interpreted), which costs 1,8 credits per 1 minute (1 credit if you do not require translation). We need time to contact the girls local agency, or the girl herself, and make sure she'll be available at the time. Please note that exchanging contact info during phone calls isn't allowed. Here is some advices on setting up your first call.

How can I video-chat with my girl?

Yes, you can order videocall (interpreted). Make your request by email or by phone. The price for video chat with the girl is 2,5 credits per 1 minute. The minimum duration is ten minutes, which means that the our system will charge account for the first ten minutes automatically when you start talking. We need some time to contact the girls local agency, or the girl herself, and make sure she'll be available at the time therefore the video call should be ordered in advance. Note that exchanging contact info during videocall will not be allowed.

IMBRA law.

Yes, we're fully compliant.  Upon request you'll get IMBRA release that you might need for applying for girls fiancee visa later.  We arn't happy about IMBRA law as it puts a lot of unnecessary burden, and we urge our users to sign petitions to repeal it.  Any way, as it stands today, we're complying with it.

I have sent some letters to your girls and have not received any responses yet.

First, login to the account and check for new messages. Note that the girls will not be replying to your email, their letters are stored in your account.  And, you should receive notifications about every letter/response received.  If you're not receiving them, please make sure you're receiving emails from our server and check "spam" config of your email service. If there are no letters in the Inbox, check a photo in your profile, and it's displayed correctly. Profiles without photos get almost no replies.  If you get no response to more than three letters, let us know, and we'll try to find out what is the problem.

I can not send a letter, your system says I've unopened message from this member.

To prevent any spam, our system doesn't allow users to send a letter to a girl from whom you have two or more unopened letters.  If you want to send her a message, please go back to your Communicator and open her message first. If you have removed those unopened letters, please contact our manager.

The free number on your site isn't working.

If you're outside the US, you cannot use our free numbers.  This includes our free main/fax numbers.  Outside of the US may or may not include Hawaii, Canada and Puerto Rico.  Some of our canadian customers are able to call on our free number, but others cant. In this way, please use our regular numbers or contact us via chat free 24/7.

Are these girls just trying to get out of Russia or Ukraine by marrying a foreigner?

We have to say that we cannot know the real intentions. However, after you've corresponded with a girl for a while and met her in person, you should have a good idea of what she is. Besides, in order to have unconditional permanent residency in the United States she has to stay married to a citizen for two years. Add processing time, so you get about three years before she can leave. That is a lot of time to make a good impression) Now, could a girl be so calculating as to do this for a greencard? It's possible, but in our experience most of the girls coming here are tryly and honest want to create a family. If the husband treats her with respect, she'll stay. But, some men can be jerks and get what they deserve. And they cry all over the web about how she took advantage of them. The divorce rate between inter.couples in United States is several times lower than in regular US couples.

My profile was rejected.

It must have violated some our rules. There're some things you can do:

- Post a photo. It must be a photo with the face clearly visible. No contact information or nudity on pictures is allowed.

- Write more about yourself. An account with no description will be rejected.

- Enter your contact info (email and phone number) only in the special fields.

- Choose the country you are located now. If you live somewhere else, please indicate that in the description.

- Add your phone number.

Can you help me in US?

If you're our customer, we can help you with general advice on visas, forms, procedures, etc. Just contact us. If you need an attorney, we'll refer you.

I need a visa to Ukraine, Russia. Can you help me?

US citizens can stay in the Ukraine without a visa (90 days) with a valid passport. And we can send you the invitation for visa to Russia. We don't provide invitations to other countries. You'll send the invitation, with your passport, 2 passport sized photos and consulate fee to the Russian Consulate in your country.

Internet scams.

Please, NEVER send money to girls you have never met. Internet scammers are common these days, including ticket and visa scenarios. A girl may claim that she can get visa/ticket if you send her intermediary (like her dating agency, or a travel agency) a certain amount (usually $2000-4000). 99% of such claims are scam. If you're asked for money, please contact us before you send it.


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