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About Russian girls: Is There Any Truth Behind the Myth?


Myths, Facts all about Russian Women. Heightened interest in a Russian girls as possible brides has given rise to some stereotypes, misconceptions regarding their intensions, special qualities, occasionally very far from the reality. Possibly, you've come across a lot of odds, read other articles aimed at either condemning or/and praising Russian ladies. Right now, it's enough time to figure out the reality. As wise gentleman said, the reality is permanently elsewhere in the center among the myth, the truth, so we decided to give you with both.

Myth one.
They wish to leave northern Russia.
There's very popular stereotype all about Russian ladies accordingly to which they pursue 2 interconnected goals: to search overseas loved husband, move to his country territory of residence. The reality is that their prime goal is to search compatible partner, not necessarily man from another country territory. Since Russian families 're very close-knit, it is very hard to stay apart from each other for long time. Any lady 'd be happy to get married to regional guy simply to dwell closer to her kin.

Myth two.
They're undereducated.
This's totally groundless accusation. A lot of Russian girls have high school or/and university degree; many of them oftentimes have even 2 degrees in other fields. This turns out that the ladies who decide to meet overseas gentleman on-line are usually university graduates with great command of English, great jobs, interesting lives. No wonder, they wish to date the gentleman with comparable background. When they fail to search the gentleman with whom they 'd be on the selfsame site page, they start the searches for him on-line.

Myth three.
They hate Russian gentlemen.
This myth stems from prejudice against Russian men as heavy drinkers. In truth, there're some alcohol abusers between Russian gentlemen it'd be erroneous to claim that Russian girls hate almost all of their male compatriots. There're a lot of respectable Russians who make excellent husbands, any lady 'd be happy to marry 1 of them. Anyhow, when thirty-anything lady decides to settle down, so she faces reality in which almost all respectable gentlemen are married. In this problem, well educated, free lady doesn't wish to waste her real life on gentleman who doesn't care all about his health, the health of their future kids.

Myth four.
They aren't very picky.
Accordingly to the myth, each Russian lady 'd fall for any guy with citizenship other than Russian. The reality is simply the opposite. For any respectable lady, be she Russian or/and not, the prime criterion whilst looking for loved husband is his character. Each lady daydreams that 1 day she'll meet intelligent, reliable, honest, caring, sensitive, loving gentleman who'll be excellent loved husband, doting father. She will continue her searches until the lady finally meets him, the last thing she will pay lady's attention to will be the nationality.

Myth five.
They're submissive, timid.
Russian girls are oftentimes described as obedient housewives who'll do something for their husbands. It is true that in Russian families gentleman is leader of the traditional family this doesn't mean that lady permanently has secondary role. They tell that gentleman is the head, whilst lady is neck: where this turns, there head will look. The Russian proverb emphasizes equality among the partners, the covert power of lady in the traditional family. Russian girls have their opinion on anything that's happening around, they'll not be silent if they've anything to tell. Another reality all about Russian girls is that not almost all of them wish to become housewives after marriage; some of them wish to combine their traditional family, skillful real life. You may be sure they'll excel at both. And traits - Make Russian Girls the Desired Women. Excellent looks of Russian ladies are pretty cover up under which many merits are unseen. It's complicated to compile complete list of almost all them because they're cute numerous. Between their a lot of conspicuous traits 're the following.

The Loyalty.
Have you ever heard an expression “mysterious Russian soul”? And for some outlanders, the course Russians behave in many situations's unexplainable. So, when applied to describe the close relationships among gentleman, lady, this phrase means lady's ability to love the partner much more than something in this wide world, her readiness to do anything for him. If Russian lady truly loves her gentleman, she kind of puts him on pedestal. This's where the expression the “blind love” 'll be appropriate to describe lady's attitude to him. Russian girls love unconditionally, self-forgetfully. And loyalty means for them following the loved ones to real ends of the wide world, staying by their side thru thick, thin.

Prioritizing the traditional family.
Each Russian lady believes that her prime purpose in this real life is to become bride, give birth to kid, devote her real life to her traditional family. Although some Russian ladies wish to achieve anything in their careers, when this comes to beginning traditional family, they'll readily sacrifice the careers because they well know any skillful accomplishment cannot be much more important than moments spent with traditional family. Russian bride will permanently give up her needed job, will devote her enough time to her baby or/and will do her Number One to combine her work, traditional family real life.

Maternal love.
Russian ladies do make great mothers. Popular Russian traditional family is incomplete without children, Russian girls cannot suppose why West girls consciously prefer not to give birth to kid. Following their parents' example, Slavic ladies are psychologically really ready to become mothers as very soon as they get married. Whilst raising their children, they wish to give them with anything they need, do anything to make them happy.

Real housekeeping talent.
So, apart from caring for lady's loved husband, kids, each Russian lady permanently keeps her house in order, creates cozy atmosphere there. You may be sure that after long practicing day when you come home place, tasty dinner is awaiting for you. Russian ladies learn the art of real housekeeping from the mothers, grandmothers who teach them how to be thrifty. A lot of Russians are used to living on budget so they well know how to economize.

Being honest, frank themselves, Russian girls appreciate those characteristics in other persons, wait to be treated according. Any close relationship based on truthfulness is destined to be lucky. Right now, you've clear suggestion of Russian girls as possible real life partners. If you are looking for pretty, sensible, honest, loyal lady who's comparable views on traditional family, sex roles in this, then you must definitely start date Russian lady.


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