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East European women rules and criterions


East European ladies are well-known for their strong traditional family values, classical upbringing. Anyhow, there're much more rules, criterions that those women hold dear than the ones related to marriage, children.

Traditional family values.
Marriage is at the heart of real life rules of East European ladies. Being job career-minded is frowned upon, women who love their jobs, strive to be lucky prefer to keep quiet all about their achievements. The common notion in countries of the world of the erstwhile USSR is for ladies to be the homemakers, for gentlemen to build job career. Even ladies who're well educated, have great jobs see their prime goal as kid-rearing, making their families happy. Russian government, struggling with demographic hole of aging, declining population, is active promoting procreation as the most major real life success for females. East European ladies feel that wanting something else than the happiness of mother, the bride 'd be unwise, lead to special discontent.

Work ethics.
Ladies in East Europe work nearly as much as gentlemen. Previously they're married, a lot of ladies strive to get tertiary knowledge. This comes from the USSR times when both gentlemen, ladies were expected to work, contribute to the public - the paradigm brought by soviets in 17, which was in vogue for seventy years until 87. After marriage lady is expected to give up her job career aspirations in order to raise the traditional family. In the contemporary times post-2000, expectation for pretty young ladies to study, work did not change. Anyhow, after the marriage "great lady" is right now expected to be raising the traditional family, whilst her "great loved husband" is practicing, providing for the household. If the traditional family can't afford for the lady not to work, then the loved husband, the bride can feel he's not "great enough already" to give the desired ideal for the traditional family. The rate of knowledge in East European countries of the world is so high that even low rate positions like secretary or/and office administrator are advertised as requiring somebody with degree, have enough already qualified needed job searchers applying for them. Over sixty percent of persons have degrees. Percentage of degree-holders is larger between females. This isn't unusual for families to survive on single income by the bride, if the loved husband is unable to search needed job. Very some pairs may afford to survive on 1 income in East Europe, so a lot of ladies work after marriage. Anyhow, this does not mean that "the ideal" of the bride who devotes for taking care of her traditional family is dead: It is anything that pairs aspire for. So, in close relationship lady 'd be expected to give up her job career aspirations in order to give good home place for her loved husband, children. The values in East Europe tell that gentleman 'd feel uncomfortable if his bride was earning much more than him. Hence ladies try to play the 2nd fiddle, rather hope to encourage their gentlemen to reach for heights than attempt to achieve job career goals for themselves.

Community morale.
In common, East European ladies believe that rich persons have acquired the wealth by indecent means, have poor morals. This's why, whilst women 'd like to be well off, and they believe at the same time that wealth 'd mean unfair treatment of other persons. It is comparable to the Biblical statement that it is simpler for camel to pass needle's eye than for rich man to enter heaven's paradise. Deep inside the hearts East European ladies don't believe that gentleman may be both rich, great natured, rarely do something to achieve wealth in the own right. So striving for riches isn't considered as contributing to the public rather as selfish, immoral course of real life. The preference to have great real life, the belief that this may be achieved by deceitful means create inner conflict in East European girls' values, which you can observe if ask appropriate personal questions.

Male chauvinism, sexism aren't just simply normal in East European countries of the world of the post-Soviet Union, they're actively encouraged. Whilst ladies are equal to gentlemen in the eyes of law, actual societal attitudes 're poles apart. East European women enjoy thinking of themselves as dainty, weak, prefer to avoid intiative. Ladies believe that they're dissimilar to gentlemen, must be treated differently. They try to avoid obligation, initiative. East European ladies oftentimes tell that they wish gentleman "who knows what he wishes", "actually real gentleman", leader. This's what they've been well-taught to believe man's role is, her role as lady must be to follow, to encourage, to support her loved husband or/and partner. Extreme attention to allure, looks is piece of this paradigm: You'll rarely see Russian lady without makeup. And they look like they're going to exciting party, when in reality she just simply walked out to fetch bottle of milk. And making herself to look like desirable sex object is piece of woman's needed job, they believe. "The bride must remain interesting to her loved husband," you can hear women tell. By "interesting" they mean desirable. East European women are well-taught from early age that feminism is pretty bad word, being feminist means hating gentlemen. Russian, East European women like to be treated like women: Guys paying for them, openning doors, moving chairs. If gentleman does not do this, they 'd be offended, feel devalued. After years of forced Soviet equality, contemporary East European women embraced the notion of femininity, enjoy thinking of themselves as dainty, weak. The exemplar saying here 'd be: "1 silly lady decided she wished to be equal, right now I've to get up at six am, plod to work." They really guess that being treated as weak, inferior in patronizing manner is the sign of gentleman being man. Guess Rett Butler from the 'Gone with The Wind', that is the ultimate "actually real gentleman". Being macho is admirable real quality in the eyes of East European women.

Almost all in almost all, dating agencies don't lie that date East European lady is like courting model with the values of your personal grandmother. It is rather weird combination, this's what those societies formed in females over the duration of the last 26 years since the times of Perestroyka, the following collapse of the USSR. The change from "family values" is very slow there, with almost all their great, pretty bad parts being cute much alive, kicking. East European women searching overseas gentlemen for close relationships (due to the horrendous demographics in those countries of the world) are surely not "mail-order women" they do possess distinctively other set of views, beliefs to west females. If you're chatting with a lady from post-Soviet countries of the world, you'd be wise to note all about this.


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