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Myths about Russian and Ukranian girls


Russian, Ukraine women are full of attention, they don't try to make skillful job career, they're undemanding, daydream to be great housewives. Completely NO. Ah! Well-well-known myth all about cute, undemanding Russian lady, whose daydream is to submit to the gorgeous west loved husband (suppose here the preference to be engaged in domestic real life, kids), who'll sacrifice herself for her loved husband, her traditional family! Listening to many persons the impression is created, that she's almost ideal lady! How may we speak all about "Russian girl" when there're eighty million of them? How do we compare pretty young lady who's living in Moscow city, spending thirty percent of her budget on her make up, the girl deformed by the real life of heavy work, pregnancy, abortions? How is this possible to compare women who're not interested in politics, daydream to make great some money, 50 year old girl, paralyzed by this double regular from communism? Anyhow simply as the painted "dolls" (called "matrioshka"), covered with almost all the selfsame decoration, not looking at generations, social circles, the term "Russian girl" has many true facts behind this. First of almost all this is required to point out the difference among women - inhabitants of the large towns as Moscow city, Kyiv or/and S.Petersburg where mentality is rather close to Europeans, women - inhabitants of cities, villages, which're under larger influence of Russian mass media all about the west real life. Lets look closer why Europeans, American people regard the Russian girl, so deeply devoted to traditional family values:

Myth 1: Russian or/and Ukranian girl are great, full of attention, undemanding.
Accordingly to the Russian, Ukraine mentality the girl must be married (anyway the exact translation of words "to be married" for girl, from Russian, Ukraine language, is "to be behind (for) her loved husband"), to give birth to his kids, to treat, to care all about him. The 1st care of the Russian lady is to be bride of somebody, to be "behind somebody". This is fair - she'll search for the father figure in lady's future loved husband, this is fair, that she thinks that she'll not be able to overcome obstacles in lady's real life by herself. So women get married frequently very pretty young, right after college. Very oftentimes her loved husband offends or/and deceives her. Ordinary Russian gentleman needs mistress to approve his prevailing position; this is attribute of him. Principle of boasting in front of man's fellow workers, friends: a lot of the Russian gentlemen tell that they're happy in their marriage, love their bride, kids, at the same time, recognize that they've mistress, even some. The bride maintains anything, because she's proud of the position of being spouse. Without the loved husband, the female position in public is considered below the position of the married girl.

In conclusion, there's picture of the Russian or/and Ukranian girl - she's great, full of attention, doesn't try to make skillful job career, undemanding: this is really fine misinterpretation, because this problem for the girl is compulsion not considered choice! The mentality has changed for some last years in western Russia, right now the Russian girl finds out, that the traditional family isn't concentrated on her loved husband, on her needs: she works as well as her loved husband, she brings up kids, prepares food, keeps in order flat, washes clothes et cetera. She understands finally her independence, her strength: the Russian girl starts to save her rights. Many Ukraine, Russian girls turn towards outlanders because they guess, that overseas gentlemen will be much more attentive to them, that they'll permanently listen to her opinion, that they'll be much more liable, that they'll not drink as much as Ukranian or/and Russian gentlemen. Accordingly to their imagination of the outlanders, that loved husband, bride are the partners, gentlemen are helping to carry up the kids. A lot of Russian, Ukranian girls don't guess, that the Ukraine or/and Russian loved husband may suppose those sorts of troubles or/and remain true.

Myth number 2: Russian women don't try to make skillful job career.
If Russian women aren't similar careerists as their west sisters, are oftentimes missing on the Number One positions at work, this is for the elementary motive: in western Russia this is rare, that the girl occupies interesting posts, regrettably, very oftentimes they're victims of discrimination, are poorly paid, almost never get the possibility to have great job career. This is very important to suppose that if your personal girl-friend held high position at work in western Russia she'll be potentially miss this after spending some months in your personal home place. Never have had any pleasures of fascinating, profitable skillful job career. Russian women are logically less careerists, than west girls: this choice anyhow, is much more compulsion imposed by man's dominant public, than deep belief; every man adapts to public inside which he or/and she lives. Your personal future bride, in time, will possibly wish to work in the USA, have lucky job career.


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