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Russian girls marriage: myths and facts


Myth: Russian girls are dreaming to be great housewives. For Russian girl to be simply elementary housewife this anything like unapproachable luxury: in their country territory they 'd work, at the same time have to the home-maker, in a lot of cases without help of digital household devices similar as washing machine, microwave et cetera. Clearly, being in the USA this is natural for them to be engaged in housework if they don't work. Girls of our agency have in common great educational rate, actually real human characteristics, are very dynamic: this's logical because the preference to marry overseas gentleman, the primary country territory for this marriage is long, complicated course, which needs a lot of characteristics: so they're ambitious, a lot of them're hoping to search work in the USA, not simply have role as housewife. In the end we wish to mention, that the majority of Russian ladies, wish to marry the outlander for love, recognition, esteem, that they're ambitious, have shown many force of their personality, they wish equality. They surely will be precautionary, true spouses, by no means - dependent!

Myth: Majority of Russian girls wish to leave their big country, to marry outlander.
Fact: NO. The marriage among American people, girls from East Europe has become now theme frequently mentioned by radio, television, magazines. Accordingly to the media almost all girls from East Europe desire to leave their countries of the world, marry gentlemen from Europe or/and Northern USA. This is completely incorrect, because there're 1000's of Russian girls, wishing to marry west gentlemen, tens of millions that're happily married to Russian, Ukraine gentlemen. If Russian girl is married Russian gentleman she'll not annulment of marriage him to marry outlander even if conditions of her real life are awful. Accordingly to stats, one percent of single or/and divorced Russian girls desire to marry outlander. This is really overwhelming that the majority of Russian girls even if they might search loved husband, a lot of them don't wish to leave their country territory, 'd rather stay closer to their traditional family, friends. The Russian girls, who wish to leave their country territory, don't make those very important decisions thoughtlessly, the girls of our agency suppose that you assume: they must leave their traditional family, friends, move to country territory where they don't well know anyone, except for you, they'll not hear their primary language, will be absolutely dependent on you in the starting. They're really ready to sacrifice almost all this for the sake of gentleman, whom will manage to achieve their heart! Please don't try to have illusion that you the knight in shining Armour 're going to rescue those girls from infernal real life! This is very far from reality. Those girls live occasionally in complicated conditions from your personal economic viewpoint, they're proud girls, they love their primary country territory. They're brought up well, they're clever. They well know, that 1000's of gentlemen from almost all over the wide world are attracted to them!

Personality of Russian girls is other from the personality of the west girls.
Fact: YES. Real life conditions, the position of girl in East Europe make their personality on many points other from girls of Europe.


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