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Russian ladies, their traditional family and love


Russian ladies reject the West feminist model, preferring to reconcile love, traditional family, lucky job career. In Europe, the US woman's magazines permanently ask: “what girl must do" "to make job career or/and to have kids? ” Whilst Russian girls (under her responsibility), make well with both those things: they, from 1 generation to 2nd generation, care for their traditional family, work outside the home place: the girls of east Russia are doctor, drivers of trolley bus or/and they work as police. The selfsame enough time they carry up their kids, keep house for their traditional family.

Myth 1. Russian girls may read, write the English.
Russian girls in common have great rate of knowledge, have school base of overseas language (frequently English), have no necessity to use this in daily real life, they don't practise what they're well-taught. To read the message in English takes a lot of enough time for them, if they receive some messages at the same time, we'll be not sure that they'll have enough time to read them almost all! The message written in a Russian will be read hundred percent. The selfsame concerns their answer to your person: it'll be required for them on the ordinary almost all day (seven or/and eight hours) to write 2 site page message! If you may use the interpreter, be sure that you don't do direct translation of your personal brilliant, sensible message which being translated into the Russian will be hardly clear, will seem silly. Automated digital translation is awful: if you hesitancy, try to translate phrase from English to Russian, then from Russian to English, you'll see what this resembles: “nothing”. The selfsame goes with the mobile communication: they don't speak English very well, usually, phone call won't serve the purpose for you, it'll be for exchange of some words. Your personal conversation won't be rich, you'll not search out much all about each other (your personal mobile agency will be pleased). So we casually suggest services of written, mobile bilingual translation for our users, if you desire to establish qualitative conversation among you and your personal correspondents, to avoid catastrophic misinterpretation.

Myth 2. Russian ladies are adapting to new country territory very rapid, easy in the 1st months after arrival in US, don't feel" nostalgia ".
Within the 1st months Russian ladies feel many" nostalgia ": they miss their traditional family, friends, they ask themselves some personal questions, cry occasionally. Don't guess, that in the starting of her living in great real life condition may make her easy forget almost all that she liked in lady's country territory. To arrive in unknown country territory where she doesn't well know anybody except her loved husband, it'll be improbable to talk because of her language problem, extremely complicates her real life, is source of stress. She'll be completely dependent on you (in the 1st months), she'll not be self-assured. She'll not wish to go back to her country territory, because she knows the decision to marry outlander isn't easy choice. Her prime purpose is to create traditional family, her preference will succeed, this is much more than nostalgia for her country territory. Our experience has shown, that in common Russian ladies immediately start to speak, suppose the English (on the ordinary thru four - five months), become much more free; they adapt gradually to new conditions of real life, are very happy that they've created family. The present psychological transition among new traditional family (with you), her former traditional family (her relatives who've stayed in east Russia) is done in common at the end of the 1st year: she'll feel in depth of her heart, so henceforth her traditional family, her present real life are in the US.


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